LED exhibition wall

LED exhibition wall

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An LED exhibition wall is a particularly attractive presentation option at trade fairs, exhibitions and events, because with a large-format and high-impact illuminated wall, your exhibition stand immediately catches the eye. This puts your exhibition stand directly in the field of vision of trade fair visitors. Our range includes a variety of different LED exhibition walls, so that you can find exactly the right illuminated wall from us that best suits your individual requirements. All of our LED exhibition walls are designed to be mobile and stored in practical, rollable cases or bags. Our LED exhibition walls can be easily assembled and transported in standard cars or station wagons. We offer a wide selection of mobile LED exhibition walls in a wide variety of formats and designs - from the compact, foldable LED exhibition wall with a height of 2 m to the impressive XXL exhibition wall. This gives you the opportunity to choose the wall format that fits your LED exhibition stand perfectly.

A first-class, mobile LED exhibition wall is not only characterized by a robust system structure, but must also impress with the stretched graphic print. Our LED illuminated walls are covered either on foldable or rollable textile material and rely on the highest quality. Because we work with the most innovative printing techniques, our graphic coverings are particularly brilliant and bright. We guarantee you an impressive and colorful implementation of your print templates, so that your LED exhibition walls will attract attention from afar at any event. The radiant luminosity and excellent print quality make your presentation a real eye-catcher that attracts the attention of visitors and optimally represents your company.

So that you can imagine what a fully produced LED exhibition wall looks like in real life, we have many pictures of implementation examples available for you to view. Here you can see from real projects which combinations are possible. We show what the effect is of LED exhibition stands that are placed next to each other or as a corner or combined with different counter models. In addition to these visual impressions, we would be happy to support you in planning your entire LED exhibition stand using our special 3D visualization program. Here you have the opportunity to view your exhibition stand from different perspectives and to individualize it with our extensive range of exhibition stand accessories.

If you would like further information or would like to receive individual advice on our LED exhibition wall systems, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone. You can reach us at +49 (0) 69 756080-0. Our experienced purchasing advisors take the time to discuss the specific features of our various LED exhibition wall systems with you and help you choose the illuminated wall that best suits your requirements and wishes. We look forward to helping you choose the right LED exhibition wall.


LED exhibition wall - assembly

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LED exhibition wall - Exhibition sets

Exhibition sets

For a successful trade fair appearance, you usually need more than a single LED exhibition wall. We have put together practical sets in different sizes.

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An exhibition set is a collection of several exhibition systems such as exhibition walls, roll-ups, stands, exhibition counters, brochure stands and individual displays that a company needs to install an exhibition stand. A typical display set may contain a variety of elements to create an attractive display stand and capture the attention of trade show visitors. Here we present various exhibition sets, most of which are eye-catching LED exhibition walls and LED counters that are used in combination with other accessories. Of course, our exhibition sets can also be provided with stickers and labels that can be attached to the back of an exhibition booth. In addition to illuminated exhibition walls, large-format company logos can also be placed on an exhibition stand. A well-prepared exhibition set plays an important role in attracting potential customers, strengthening brand presence and successfully participating in a trade fair. It is important that all elements of the set are tailored to the company's goals and target group.

LED exhibition counters

Luminous exhibition counters

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An exhibition counter is a specially designed piece of furniture that is used at trade fairs, events or events. It offers trade fair visitors a contact point for inquiries or short meetings. The surface of the counter can be used to display product samples, display business cards, brochures and brochures or even serve as a reception and information area for visitors. Some of our exhibition counters have additional features such as integrated shelves, lighting or lockable doors to safely store laptops, handbags or similar at an event. Our exhibition counters are generally portable, easy to assemble and available in different sizes and designs. Of course, appropriate transport cases and bags are also available for our mobile counter solutions, which are usually rollable and fit in any car. The most popular exhibition counters are currently LED counters, which consist of a stable, tool-free aluminum frame that is covered with a printed fabric or graphic. This customized covering presents your company's brand image or information. The choice of display counter depends on your company's individual needs, including the type of products or services to be showcased. The space available and the desired appearance of the exhibition stand are also a criterion. An attractive and well-organized exhibition counter can help capture the interest of trade fair visitors and leave a professional impression.

LED exhibition wall - References

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3D visualization

3D visualization allows you to view and plan every aspect of your LED exhibition stand in detail before the actual implementation begins. The high-quality computer-generated representation not only gives you a realistic impression of the spatial arrangement and design elements, but also of the lighting effect and coloring of your exhibition stand. The virtual preview allows you to identify unsuitable exhibition stand designs at an early stage and make appropriate adjustments. In addition, 3D visualization provides the opportunity to test and compare different design options. In this way, you can ensure that your trade fair appearance is functional and at the same time visually effective and optimally conveys the desired message.

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