LED exhibition stand options

using the example of our customer Unisys Deutschland GmbH

At our customer "Unisys Deutschland GmbH" you can see how quickly an LED exhibition wall becomes a luminous exhibition stand. It is impossible to pass by this stand without noticing the fireworks of color and luminosity.

The two ALU STAR LED walls can either be placed across the corner, as shown here, or used next to each other or individually if only little space is available at an exhibition location.

ALU STAR LED counter

No exhibition stand is complete without a counter. And of course, an LED exhibition stand has to have a luminous counter.

Like the LED exhibition walls, the ALU STAR LED counter lights up from both sides and complements the stand perfectly. This creates a complete picture for potential new customers.

ALU STAR monitor mount

Trade fair visitors can view current videos and presentations on the monitor. The files are played onto a USB stick and plugged directly into the screen.

The monitor is mounted in the system frame of the exhibition wall. You can see photos of this in the "Accessories" section above.