LED exhibition stand options

using the example of the Unisys Deutschland GmbH live project

Experience first-hand how an LED exhibition wall can be transformed into an impressive, luminous exhibition stand in no time at all using the live project of our customer "Unisys Deutschland GmbH". The brilliance and intense colors of the LED exhibition wall inevitably attract the attention of trade fair visitors. No one walks past an LED exhibition stand without noticing it and experiencing its visual impact.

The ALU STAR LED walls also offer a high degree of flexibility in their application. They can be arranged as a corner, as in this example, which makes for a particularly appealing stand design. Alternatively, you can also set them up next to each other or separately, which is particularly practical if space is limited at the exhibition venue. This versatility makes the ALU STAR LED exhibition walls an ideal solution for a wide range of exhibition requirements and spatial conditions.

ALU STAR LED counter

No exhibition stand is complete without a counter. And of course, an LED exhibition stand has to have a luminous counter.

Like the LED exhibition walls, the ALU STAR LED counter lights up from both sides and complements the stand perfectly. This creates a complete picture for potential new customers.

ALU STAR monitor mount

Trade fair visitors can view current videos and presentations on the monitor. The files are played onto a USB stick and plugged directly into the screen.

The monitor is mounted in the system frame of the exhibition wall. You can see photos of this in the "Assembly" section above.